Heroes of Shaintar

Sssome weird glove thingy
Iggy's Log

While traveling back to Kythrosss, Neko gets a message in his mind for usss to meet up with the ressst of my team. They were apparently on a missssion at the Dragordian village at east of Erimar. That hasss to be the Ssstormcallersss village, Crooked Bog! On the way I tell Neko the ssstories that I’ve heard about the Ssstormcallersss and how they live their livesss fighting corruption almost conssstantly. I wonder what the ressst of the gang is doing there. It’sss been a while ssssince I’ve ssseen them. I hope everything isss ok.

We find the group next to this river, or what is sssupposssed to be a river, and they have ssssome bag hanging in a tree. I can’t help but notice that there isss now a 12 and 1/2 foot Ogre with them. Duran comesss up to me and in full Galean sssays, “Don’t fucking touch the bag ehhhh.” I go over to the Ogre and he introducesss himssself as Abraham. As Rowena is telling me about what is actually in the bag, a bunch of undead creeps ssstart coming out of the water. We make a run for the village and manage to essscape.

We get back to the Crooked Bog and meet up with the village matriarch. Roweana ssshows her the gauntlet in the bag and thisss bright blue light glowsss. Ssshe sssays that there is nothing that ssshe can do with it and that we ssshould take it back to our headquartersss. It’s late ssso we find a crate to put the gauntlet in. Apparently it can make people put it on them. We fortify the crate with a lock and give the key to Rowena for “sssafe keeping.” We pair up and ssset up watchesss. When Neko and I are up for watch, we passs time talking about our time out in the field and sssome pretty ssstupid ssstuff we had to do to get out of sssituations. There’sss a moment where I catch myssself looking at the box…no ssstaring at it, then I just ssshake my head and look at Neko. He alssso looked as if he was gazing at the box. We laugh it off and get Mittens and Abraham up for their watch.

I wake up to a large thud, and Mittensss is ssstanding over Abraham by the box. My first thought was that Mittensss was taken over by the gauntlet, but he doesssn’t ssseem to be moving towardsss it. He explainsss that it was Abe who wasss trying to get to the gauntlet and he knocked him out before he could do ssso. Durin, Neko, and I go to turn the key into a band to put around the box (asss if THAT will do anything). After fixing the band on the crate, we hear bellsss ringing. The matriarch comes in and tellsss us to leave the village now! I felt terrible leaving my people to be attacked by darknesss, but my prioritiesss are with the team. We go to Erimar and gain passssage to Kythrosss.

When we get back, corporals Valerie and Zacchaeusss are there to greet us. Zacchaeusss asssks about my misssion and I tell him that the heiresss and her ssson (I missss him already) are sssafe, and I hand him the papers that could posssibly link the Hillpikesss to the Kalinesssh. He thanksss me and leavesss with Neko. The ressst of usss go with Valerie to another room accommodating everyone (including Abraham). We…well mossstly they report about their misssion and Valerie goes to get sssomething to put the crate inside. She returnsss with a giant white sssilver box that we out the crate in and ssseal it shut. I guesss I can sssay we’re in the clear for now until next time. Thingsss just keep getting more interesssting every day.

Let's NOT put on magic gloves

The matriarch has a staff with a crystal that she waved over us to give us environmental protection for an hour before we head out. The rain feels like it hits but runs off. It’s almost deafening and out of nowhere the idgit runs to abraham and has him throw him over to undead. Apparently now we have two morons as part of the team. I go to save the dumbass and cut down the zombie in front of me. There is a man in the middle of them that we saved and he decided to come with us for a short time. We reach the shrine and we see the coffin being bombarded by lightning and a silver brass gauntlet in the coffin. Rowena blocks the lightning and I slam it on and feel power surge through me. I feel something at the back of my mind but push it off. We turn to walk away and a spear comes hurtling towards me and stops at my throat. A silver haired aevekar comes from the clouds. We came face to face witht he Valkyrie. I keep pulling the spear away from my throat. The ogre and dwarf help so I can move out of the way. Shortly after that I feel a pressure in the back of my mind again but stave it off for a second time. I enact the gauntlet and the valkyrie leaves before I can shoot her or… something. She takes the spear with her as she leaves. The man who had come with us lies dead in the bog now, felled by her.

I take off the gaunlet and push it into my bag to avoid that weird feeling, but I can’t help but give in to that voice I hear now, telling me to put it on. I can see and hear everything, but it’s like I’m looking through a window, trapped inmy own body. The stupid dwarf is thrown at me. I hear him call me an “overgrown pussy” and yeah… he’ll pay for that once I can fucking MOVE! The ogre jumps his height… and he’s hanging on my leg. Rowena shoots the gauntlet but I can’t help but clench my fist to catch it. I can’t stop myself as I touch abrahams face and electricity shocks through him. Rowena hits the gauntlet off of me and I’m back. The gauntlet is in the water and I jump in… bad idea… very bad idea. I sink and can’t swim, but they get me out. The dwarf can breathe under water now apparently so we send him down to get it. We meet iggy and Corp. Neko. We book it off the platform and back to the village with the gauntlet. We get back to the village and the matriarch hasn’t seen anything like what’s corrupted the gauntlet. Duran puts the gauntlet in the crate and I have the key. We split into watches, Rowena and Duran, Iggy and Neko then Abraham and me. During my watch I give the key to Rowena just in case. We smell atmosphere and abraham reaches for the box and before I can stop him, he’s running to get the key from rowena. He rips her shirt to get it. I slam my axe into him as he puts the key in the lock. Before he can turn it, I knock him out. Iggy, Neko and Duran go to throw the key into the forge to melt it down. The matriarch heals the ogres wounds but he’s still out for a few hours. Duran has forged a band for the crate from the key. We hear the ringing of bells and know something is wrong. We need to get the box out of this village. We run as fast as we can from the village after the Matriarch approached us and told us to do so. I know they can hold their own. We reach Erimar and the call of the gauntlet is weaker and we board the sea ranger once again. We report to kithros. Valery and who we find out later to be Corp Zachariah greet us and ask for Iggy and Neko to report their findings. We are lead to a new conference room fit for the ogre and sit at a large table. They bring in a whitesilver box to hold the gauntlet and hopefully now it’s gone for good.

Dregordians all over

Dobby and Serius are sworn in. Dorkan and Rowena are now ranger first glass. Iggy was sent on another mission. We have been officially dubbed “The Wanderers” for the rangers at large. Valery says we’re going to meet a new member int he front courtyard… why outside? We come face to face with the 12.5 ft tall ogre with long braided hair and beard. He’s wearing normal human attire, which is super weird but hey, to each their own. He’s quite well kept for an ogre. Valery leads us to the west wing main floor waiting chamber that can fit the giant and we meet a blue dregordian. He greets us as Ssaviin Stormcaller from east aramar. The bog has history of being corrupted. We I guess are going to check things out because of a matriarch something. It takes us three days by boat and we meet in the hold because abraham is too big to be above. A storm appeared over the bog and hasn’t gone. We’re to go get the stormcaller claw heirloom in the shrine in the center of the bog.

We get to the village and hit a wall of rain. We meet the matriarch Da’vi. Dobby is in a bunch of towels like a ball to dry off. We are welcomed to stay for the night before heading out in the morning. This will be fun… maybe

Fight in the Bog
MITTENS hasn't died yet

We got to the Stormcaller village well enough and were allowed to rest for the night before beginning our treak. That morning it was pouring, felt like getting hit with a fucking club. But the elder cast some spell that lessened the brunt of the rain. Plus come to find out there’s a walkway, so no trudging through a bog. About halfway we stumbled across one of the scouts, helped him fend off some undead, he accompanied us the rest of the way. We found the shrine and saw the lighting strkes, always the same spot, on the Gauntlets gem, it was cracked and glowing this odd blue. Mittens straight up just takes the damn thing and puts it on, then Rowena jumps infront of the fuckin lighting. The lightning started sputtering and cracking everywhere. Then an odd barbed spear comes flying spear, right at mittens but it stops mear inches away from his throat,

On the river North
But still far

We were given another week leave at Kythros and a promotion to Ranger First class. Valarie had us meet up and we needed to discuss an "official designation ". The group mostly took to a few odd names but we settled on the Wanders. Then we were told our scaley friend was assigned to a new mission due to his talents (which at the time of me writing this would have better suited us that whatever the fuck he was out doing, even if he was Fucking over the Emporer himself ) but we were introduced to a new team mate. Abraham, giant of an ogre if I do say so. He’s quite “civilized” though and seems more sane that most of the group. We were then lead to a meeting place to get out next assignment. A Dragordian named Ssavin Stormcaller introduces himself, he’s got some magic to him but I’m not well enough practice in this to know. He tells us of his home to the north of Vaiwood Forest, east of Erimar. How it had some storm around this bog they protect. That’s were we are headed now. I hate boats. But this is the job, I’m sure they’ll be more to come, I’m working on an idea for our ogre friends and with this report I would like some supplies listed on an attachment to be set aside for the next time we’re in Kythros.

Rowena's Backstory

I was born in the capital of the Dominion, Malak. My family owned a fairly successful inn. My mother was in charge of booking rooms and keeping our patrons happy while my father served drinks and broke up any fights. My siblings and I had various jobs as we grew up. At first we mostly just cleaned the rooms or helped our parents wherever they needed us. I was the youngest of three girls. I watched as my sisters, Ragan and Reni, were promoted to entertainment jobs as my parents called them were they reached their fifteenth birthdays. I was never told exactly what they did with the men they took to their rooms, but I found out shortly after I turned 13. At this moment I feel I should explain something about myself. Ever since I can remember people had always commented on my beauty. I was told by countless strangers how gorgeous I was. Even my own sisters would compare themselves to me and complain how unfair it was that they did not look like me. My delicate features, porcelain skin, and my sparkling emerald eyes were pointed out to me several times a day by many of our patrons. I loved the attention. My parents would often let me get away with not doing my chores because men would ask to talk to me and stay at the inn for hours drinking. But back to the point, around my thirteenth birthday a man came into our inn. He didn’t say a word to me, but every now and then I would catch him glancing at me. At one point I saw him motion to my father and ask him something. They spoke for a while then the man left. I thought nothing of it until my parents approached me later that night. They told me the man had asked if I wanted to entertain him the way that Ragan and Reni entertained men. I felt so special in that moment. Here I was at 13 getting promoted when my sisters had to wait until they were 15. I remember smiling at my parents, “of course!” I said. They had made the job seem so important and special. They sent word to the man and planned to have him come back the following evening. The next day my sisters spent the day trying to tame my hair, picking out a beautiful dress, and making me look even more beautiful. What I didn’t realize until later is that they never told me what to expect or how I would be entertaining this man. All they said was do what he asks and make sure to get the money.
I won’t give all of the details from that night as I assume you have already realized how I “entertained” that man, but rest assured he wasn’t a brute. It wasn’t pleasant but it wasn’t horrible. At first I only worked with him, his name was Tristian. He was only a few years older than me and was fairly attractive. He had an average looking face with somber brown eyes. He came to see me a few times a month, but then one day he just never returned. I learned a few weeks later that he had been killed for not paying a debt. I cried that day. But more bad news quickly followed. I noticed my clothes were getting tighter and a small bump had suddenly appeared under my belly button. It should be noted that at this point my oldest sister Ragan had married and was no longer working at the inn, and Reni had suddenly become ill so she could not work. When I realized I was with child, and Tristians child no less, I was filled with happiness. I had always looked forward to being a mother and this way a part of Tristian could live on. Now I’m not saying I was in love with this man but he did teach me many things, and I did care for him very deeply. However, my happiness was short lived. When I approached my parents with the good news they told me I could not have the baby. They explained that they couldn’t afford for me to not be working, and a that no man would want to sleep with me if I had the baby. I tried to say no, to tell them I was going to have this child whether they liked it or not, but my father did something I was not expecting. My father was the most gentle man in the world to me as a child. He barely ever raised his voice to us or my mother. But that day I saw a side of him, and my mother, I didn’t even know was there. My father stood up and hit me. He smacked me across the face making me fall and hit the floor. Everything went black.
I woke up slowly. Pain radiating over my entire body. I felt something wet between my legs and the room smelled of blood. I could hear a man’s voice, something about “complications”. Then I heard my mother’s voice right next to me, her hand petting my hair. She was muttering something, “it was for the best”, over and over she said that. I’m not sure if it was for me or for her. They let me rest for a few weeks. They had paid someone to get rid of my baby, and in the process the man had destroyed any hope I had of ever having my own family. My parents wanted to make sure this never happened again so they did what they felt they needed to do. I never forgave them.
For the next four years I worked at the inn as their best whore. I saved my money and I learned. I had a few regulars who taught me about history and brought me books to read. When I was sixteen I met a man named Niel. He was tall with short blonde hair and bright blue eyes. The exact opposite of Tristian. The way he laughed, you couldn’t help but join in. He made me smile, and sometimes all we did was talk. He was my favorite of all the men I slept with during those four years. One night we were talking and he told me he could sense power coming from me. I laughed it off thinking it was a joke, but he was serious. He confided in me that he was an adept and that he thought I might be one too. Over the next year and a half he taught me how to use my power and even bought me a necklace with a focus crystal. He told me stories of the other regions of Shaintar and of his time as a Ranger. He inspired me, and for the first time I felt like I was in love. We made plans to leave Malak and travel. Again I allowed myself to feel happy and hopeful. And again that happiness was destroyed. Niel was a good man to a fault. He always stood up for what he believed in and couldn’t help but to meddle in other peoples’ business. This ultimately led to his death. In the Malakar Dominion you only survive by keeping your head down and not ruffling anyones feathers. I hadn’t cried since I lost my baby, but that day years of suppressed emotions bubbled to the surface. Sadness turned to anger and anger led to determination. I would leave this horrible place. I would follow in Niel’s footsteps. I would join the Rangers. I would make a difference in this world, I would help people.
I gathered what few belongings I had and left after the inn closed. I didn’t bother leaving a note. I would only ever be a whore to my parents. A way to make money. They were not the same people I had loved when I was younger. I left them behind and made my way to Kythros. I would do this for Tristian and Niel. For every person that has been taken advantage of, every person killed for doing the right thing. And I would do this for me.

No Blood is Bad

Time passes in town. Pretty Lady no let me play with much blood. I try to go to infirmary to help, but she no let me. She no know I can heal. But it ok. She learn. Over the time, Sirius and me get trained. We become real rangers. I get green cloak that I can not wait to make red with blood. Sirius even get green collar.
One day lady leader comes to get us. We meet Ogre. We get mission. I no pay too much attention. I have blood on my hands I need to rub in. Another lizard comes up. Not Igy though. Igy went somewhere. He maybe bring me blood back. Group and lady leader and lizard talk. We help get claw but need to ride boat first. Before leave, Pretty Lady takes me to butcher for more blood.
We ride boat to swamp place. It long ride. We meet more lizards. Still no Igy. It rain everywhere. I no like it. Pretty lady scoop me in towel and holds me. Good because rain is dumb. People talk about mission to get claw. I no want to go because in bog there is zombies which is no blood. I tell group before we leave.


I was bored. There nothing to do. I maybe going hunting when Sirius’s ears stood up. Next thing I see a huge lizard guy. He had weapon, but I don’t care. He whisper talked to me if I was with them. I not know who them was, so I said the question back. Then I saw who them was. Them was group of men on horses. There was pretty lady too, who did not look like them. Lizard guy told me he no have time for me, which was rude, so I follow him. But he some kind of magical because I no longer see him. But that ok. I follow the group he follow. Maybe I get I fun after all.
After follow them a bit, I saw Lizard take man’s head clean off. And then I saw it. The most beautiful thing I even saw- blood. I don’t know how I got there, but I remember that red beauty all over my hands. I watch it ooze from man’s neck, and I smile in delight. Lizard guy ask if I ok. How am I to tell him how blood makes me feel? I don’t try. I ask him if he make more blood like that. He say yes sometimes. I tell him I like blood and I come with him. I see him look at Sirius. It good to have big puppy around for scare. Lizard guy say I can come.
On road with Lizard guy was great fun. He kills other man and let me play in blood too. We reach town where there is many bodies and BLOOD. I sit and play. I see other creatures talk to Lizard guy, but I no pay much attention. I has blood! I sit there and play with my blood when I smell fresh blood from building Lizard guy and others went in. I get up to go in when ugly hairy dwarf stops me. I mad now. Sirius is behind me growling. Big cat pushes ugly dwarf out of door and reaches for me, but Sirius snap at him and I get by. I run towards blood. In room I see man with cut throat, and I stick my hand in.
Blood on my hand feels good. I paint with it. Pretty lady ask me questions. I tell her I Dobby. She talk in Kalinesh too. I tell her about blood pits and she seem to know what that means. Good. Big cat comes in and paints with me. Time goes by and we go outside. I find bloody head and put on my hand. It fun game. Big cat- Gloves is name I think- and Ugly Dwarf argue. I hope Gloves wins. Pretty Lady takes me away. More time passes and we travel to other place where people is. They feed us. Sleep then go to town.
At town, group leaves me with bad people. They take my blood away. I angry. With everyone. Finally Gloves and Pretty Lady come back. I angry but Gloves give me some blood. They tell me I join group. I say ok if I get blood. I now what they call Ranger Trainee.

Damsssel in Dissstresss
Iggy's Log

Ssso we were preparing to go out on our next missssion. Our asssignment was to go to a Dragordian village. You could probably tell that I was ssstoked to finally be in the company of my people. Thisss however would not be the cassse for me. Right before I was about to take my place in the rafters to sleep, I hear a knock at the door. I go to anssswer, and ssstanding there is a fellow ranger, a corporal by the name of Zacchaeus. He tellsss me that he needsss me to come with him and that it’s urgent. I follow him through the barracks to a section that I have only ssseen few rangersss go into. We go to the top of the three floors into a room with two other individualsss, one being Corporal Hearthskeep and a brinchie, also a corporal.

The brinchie introducesss himssself as Nico. Valerie tellsss me that a misssion came up that required my ssspecific set of ssskills. She leavesss the room, and Corporal Zacchaeus goes to a desssk and pulls out a map of the Wildlandsss. He goes on to explain that the Wildlandsss was home to numerous factionsss of nobility. Two in particular The Hillpikesss and the Everdaysss became huge rivalsss. Theresss even a posssibility of the Hillpikesss being connected to the Kalinesssh, possibly ssselling info to them about the Rangersss. Apparently the Hillpikesss hired a group of mercenariesss called the Black Dogsss led by a Varin Black. They were hired to kidnap the heiresss to the Everday essstate Elaine Everday. Our job was to ressscue the Elane and return her to her family’sss essstate. We were also inssstructed to find any evidence linking the Hillpikesss to the Kalinesssh. Zacchaeusss also inssstructed us to use extreme caution becaussse Elaine is expecting her firssst child.

I go to pack my ssstuff and return to sssee Nico standing with a large mount. He sssays that I may be huge, but not as fassst as him. We leave and head wessst towards Tarrow where we could find the caravan holding Elane. It takesss a couple of days, and as we ssstop each night, I see Nico doing sssomething that I could assseume to be communicating with ssomeone by telepathy like Rowena doesss. Our plan was to intercept the caravan five milesss out from the city to prevent any casssualties. We embark out on the road towardsss Holk ditching the horssse as we get clossser. We ssspot the caravan with one rider on the carriage and seven men on foot. I tell Nico that I’m going to the other ssside of the road, go ghossst, take out the driver and make a run with the carriage.

The caravan approachesss, and I immediately do my thing and disssappear into my sssuroundings. I wait for the perfect moment and climb up the carriage and take the driver’sss head off in one clean blow. Unfortunately for me, the sssplatter of the driver’sss blood got on me and the thugsss guarding the front noticed me. I grab for the reignsss and manage to turn the carriage back around towardsss Holk. Sssome of the goons fire their crosssbows at me, one almossst getting me badly in the neck, but I carefully pull it out. Nico popsss out from behind hisss cover injuring one of the thugs before mounting on the carriage bessside me. I crack the reigns again, and the carriage takesss of, not before taking more fire of courssse. One of the boltsss catchesss Nico in his gut. Thankfully we both had a healing potion to heal us up for the mossst part.

We ride for about ten minutesss before ssslowing down to a ssstop. I look back and ssslide the door open to sssee the face of a human woman of blonde hair and green eyesss. I asssk if ssshe is ok to which she ssshakingly repliesss yes. I tell her that ssshe is sssafe now, and we are here to return her to her family. Being in the condition shes in, and knowing that we had another ten hour ride to Holk, we would have to ride in ssshifts so Elaine could have time to ressst. We ride for two more hoursss before ssstopping. I go to the back to check on Elaine, but as sssoon as I open the door, I see her with a bald headed man pointing a sssword at her ssstomach. The man, who I presume to be Varin Black, tellsss me that if I take one ssstep clossser, I will have two deathsss on my hand. I asssk him what is his busssinesss with the heiress, to which he sssays it is exactly that, busssinesss. He ordersss us to leave and let him go. It was a hard decision, but I knew there wasss no way around it. I tell Nico that I have a plan, and to ssstand down.

As sssoon as the carriage gets sssome dissstance between us, I tell Nico that we’re going to trail it until it makesss its ssstop. We follow it for hoursss, ssseaking cover when we have to. The carriage eventually makes it back to where we firssst intercepted them and they travel further towardsss Tarrow. They set up a lookout with five of them sssurrounding the carriage, one on top and Varin with hisss ugly bald tattooed head and eye patch sssitting right outssside the door. I turn to Nico and asssk him for his input being the Corporal that he is. All he sssays that I have been making good calls lately (including letting ugly go). It’s almossst like thisss is a little more than jussst a misssion for me now that I think about it. The only thing he can think of is dissstracting the othersss while one of us goesss for Varin and sssaving the woman. After a brief moment to think I tell him to focusss on the man on top of the carriage and take out anyone he comesss in contact with. I will go straight for Varin myssself.

We sssplit up with Nico flanking right to get a better vantage point for dealing with the goon atop the carriage. I go the other way to get in the bessst position posssible to get the drop on Varin. As I make my way through, one of the thugs almossst ssspots me, but I go invisssible before he can. I sssneak my way around the carriage, but before I can take my ssshot, Varin looks in my direction….sssshit. He immediately yells out for hisss buddies and they converge in my direction. I take two hitsss, but keep my invisssibility and duck between them to gain back my element of sssurprise. By that time Nico ssshows up killing one of the mercenariesss, and Baron orders the rest to get him. Varin looks around again and sssomehow manages to see me…well so he thinksss. He tries to take a ssswipe at me but completely missesss. I take my opportunity and ssslice his head clean off his body. That wasss almossst too easssy, but two of the remaining thugs come for me leaving one on Nico. One of them catchesss a glimpssse of me, but sssadly for him, he sssuffered the sssame fate as his fearlesss leader. The other one however never sssaw it coming. He tried his hardessst looking around for me, but to no avail. He to lost his head. Thessse guys just couldn’t ssseem to keep their headsss on ssstraight. I hear Nico ssshout, “It’d be nice to get some help here!” I thought he would have been able to take care of him himself, but nonethelesss I ssstroll over and nearly cut the guy in half. The blow alssso managed to coat Nico’s body in blood. Dobby would have been thrilled.

I go to the back of the carriage to find Elaine finally alone and sssafe. However, she ssseemed to be in pain, and there wasss a puddle of liquid on the floor of the carriage. Wass she going into labor??? I turn to look at Nico to see him ssstill faced. I tell him to drive towards Tarrow while I try to comfort Elaine. It wasssn’t home, but it wasss the closssest infirmary. I make room for Elaine to lie down, give her my hand (which she nearly sssqueezed off), and tell her to keep breathing. I only asssume thisss is what you’re sssupposssed to do; they didn’t teach us thisss in our training. Next thing I knew, the baby ssstarted coming out! I’ve never ssseen a live birth of a human, nor did I want to, but I knew I had to do sssomething. I took off my cloak and prepared to catch the baby. It wasss all I could do not to throw up. Elaine gave one more pusssh and I was now holding a newborn baby boy in my handsss.

We finally make it to Tarrow and get Elaine and her new baby into the infirmary. The nurssse called for Nico and I to come sssee Elaine and her baby. We walk in and I sssee her nursing her ssson. She thanksss us for sssaving her and her ssson and for my newfound ssskill in delivering babiesss. She assks me my name, and ussses it to name her son Ignatius. I couldn’t help but tear up a bit. I’ve never had a child named in my honor before, essspecially by a human. The infirmary releassses Elaine and Ignatius, and we travel back to Holk. Back at the Everday Estate, Elaine and her newborn ssson were immediately welcomed by her family. Her father comesss to thank us and offersss to feed and house us for the night. I have never ate sooo much food in my lifetime! Before leaving the father pulls me assside and hands me a paper with the Everday Crest on it. He saysss that it’s the bessst that he could give me for sssaving his daughter and grandson, and that it may come in handy ssshould I need to ussse it. Before heading back to Kythross, Elaine and Ignatius ssstops me to sssay one last goodbye. I tell them that Uncle Iggy will come back to visssit one day.

When It Rains It Pours
Rowena's Report

We had a week of down time. Well, I say down time but making sure Dobby stays out of trouble is a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. During this time Duran and myself were promoted to Rangers first class although I do not feel like I deserve it. Despite my efforts I feel as if I have not truly proven myself to my team. I barely survived our last mission, and that was mostly due to just luck. Hopefully, next time I can show them how useful I can be.
One day Valire gathered us together. She informed us that our team needed an official name and we decided upon “The Wanderers”. We are also introduced to a new teammate, Abraham. At this point we noticed that Iggy was not with us, and Valire told us he had been sent on a separate mission. We are shown to a room where a tall dregordian was waiting for us. His name was Ssavin and he was there to represent a family named Stormcallers. The moment I looked at him I could sense magic and life surrounding him. We are told about a place called Crooked Bog which I remember hearing stories about. They say the area has an history of being corrupted and filled with darkness, but a family somehow kept it contained from the rest of the world. Ssavin explained that he would tell us the specifics of the mission once we boarded the boat to head to Crooked Bog.
The next day after we board the boat we met in the hold since it was the only space Abraham could fit on the boat. Ssavin told us that a large storm suddenly appeared over the area two weeks ago. The eye of the storm lies directly over Ssaki Stormcaller’s tomb, and blue lightning only ever hits that spot. Our mission is to get through the storm, find the claw of Ssaki, and return it to the Stromcaller family.
After three days we arrive at the edge of the Bog. Rain was pouring down over the entire town. We were led to a large building and it appeared the entire town was there to meet us. Noticing the size difference between the Dregordians and Dobby I quickly scooped her up in a towel and carried her with me. The Dregirdians had prepared a large feast for us. Tomorrow we go further into the Bog and hopefully find this claw. Ssavin told us of a path that should lead us right to the tomb. This mission seems pretty straight forward, but if Valkire is behind this then we need to be ready.


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