Heroes of Shaintar

Nope. Wrong. Bad Plan.
Rowena's Report

After about two hours I stumbled upon Kaine’s camp. There were seven of them total. Kaine himself was very friendly. For this plan I donned my least favorite but most effective persona, the dumb happy girl. I made sure to smile often and thank Kaine for his hospitality. They let me stay the night at their camp. I may have tried to sleep with Kaine but that man was stubborn. It almost hurt my ego a bit. Almost. I asked a few questions trying not to pry too much but got nothing. The next day Kaine told me they had to run an errand and I was more than welcome to join. I tagged along and he had me ride on his horse with him. William kept giving me odd glances, but I just smiled every time. As we got closer to the village I got more and more nervous. What would happen when we got there and they realized all of the people were gone? And how could Mittens and Duran fight them when I was sitting right next to a man who would kill me in a second? And Iggy was somewhere nearby but would he be close enough to stop them? Hmm..maybe I didn’t think this plan through very well.
Looking at William I got an idea. Drawing on some of my power I made it appear as if millions of bugs were crawling all over him. He let out a shriek and flung himself from his horse. The others stopped to figure out what was going on. To them it appeared as if William was having a fit of some kind. Kaine dismounted from his horse to calm William down. I seized the opportunity and spurred the horse on to get the hell out of there. Kaine must have figured out what was going on because not even a minute later I could hear hoof beats behind me. For a second Kaine was next to me swinging his sword at me. He hit once but it was only a superficial cut. I urge my horse to go faster and I was able to get far enough ahead of Kaine. After a few minutes another rider flies past me not even giving me a second glance. Huh, we must be winning. I slow down and turn around back toward town.
The first thing I notice is Kaine’s body and his head a few feet away. He should have slept with me when he had the chance. Mittens and Duran have another member of the group cornered. Another member escapes but we really only need one. I approach the man gently placing my dagger against his throat. I ask him a few questions about the group, how they got their powers and all that. As he opens his mouth to talk Mittens lets out a terrifying scream and I can see the man’s eyes fill with fear. Before I can say anything the man bolts. Duran runs after him. I didn’t know dwarfs could sprint like that. He was able to catch up to the man and tie him up. Mittens picks him up and takes him to a nearby building. Duran pointed out a tattoo of a cloud and three lighting bolts on the man. I put the man at eye level with my cleavage and suddenly he can’t stop talking. Men are really so simple.
He tells us that about six months ago a woman named The Valkerie approached them and offered them power in exchange for a tribute. A messenger would meet with Kaine and give him the tribute location, and the messenger was meant to meet with them that evening. I ask again making sure that’s all he knows before I slit his throat. Suddenly a tiny goblin scurries in and sticks her hand into the man’s wound. She says her name is Dobby and that she just escaped the blood pits. Hearing this makes me switch to Kalinesh in order to ask her some questions about her time there. She seems oddly fascinated with blood and playing in it. I’m assuming its a coping mechanism so she can deal with having been in the blood pits. From what I’ve heard not many people survive in there for very long.
We step outside to find Mittens and Duran arguing in another language. The arguing quickly turns physical and I slowly edge little Dobby away from them toward one of the dead bodies. I don’t know why but I’m overcome with a need to protect this goblin, maternal instincts I didn’t know I had have started coming out. I’m pulled out of my thoughts as Mittens yells to me that Duran wants to sleep with me. Thanks but no. I quickly gather Dobby up and walk away.
We start heading back to Coastline stopping on the way to inform Armond and his citizens what happened. We tell them they may want to stay away from their village in case Valkerie comes looking for Kaine. Eventually we make it back to Kythros and meet with Valire. They had heard of Valkerie before. Apparently she’s from a new faction of Avakar. The next day we all undergo a mind sweep by an adept and Dobby is sworn in as a Ranger Trainee. So maybe my plan didn’t go exactly as I wanted but we still got the information we needed, and we gained a new teammate. That’s a win in my book.

This is a good plan, right?
Rowena's Report

After Duran was able to leave the infirmary we were called to meet with Sergeant Major Mindril. He introduced us to our new field officer, Valire Harthkeeper. She wore full Olaran plate and had piercing blue eyes that seemed to look right through us. She led us to a small room with no windows and informed us of our new mission. Apparently a small group of ruffians were terrorizing a small village a few miles north of Coastline. She tells us that their leader is a man named Kaine Wormbrooke, and that his group went from being petty thieves to suddenly being able to hold an entire town hostage. Our mission was to find their camp and from there decide if we could engage or if backup was needed. Valire then promoted Mittens to Ranger first class and put him in charge of our team. Mittens seemed pleased by this decision.
When we left headquarters Duran says something to Mittens. Someone really needs to teach this dwarf another language, preferably one the rest of us understand. Mittens tells us that Duran wants to purchase a flotation device of some kind. All of us except Iggy go to a small shop. Duran gets his flotation device and a ring. Mittens buys a cloak that I had my eye on (totally not bitter about it). I noticed a necklace with a small blue crystal. It looked very similar to one I already posses so I decided to purchase it, making sure the crystal was well hidden under my clothing.
The next day we left for Coastline. Mittens and Iggy rode on a cart since they couldn’t fit on any of the horses. Duran rode a small pony and I was given a horse. It was at this moment that I realized I was the only female and the only human in the group. It wasn’t the first time I’ve been the only female in a group and I’m sure it won’t be the last, but being the only human was new to me. Near the end of the second day we decide to stop in a little town. After we get settled into a room we all decided to have a drink. I waited until the others had had a few drinks before I slipped out for some…extracurricular activities. When I returned Mittens asked where I had gone, I quickly made up a lie about being stuck in a conversation with a group of boring men. Suddenly, Mittens got angry and got up threatening to hurt them. On instinct I started petting him gently saying it was alright. This seemed to work and I was able to head up to the room without worrying about him trying to kill anyone.
We finally arrived in Coastline and met with Lt. Aaron Breezestrider. He briefed us on the mission telling us mostly the same information Valire told us. The only new thing he told us of was the fact that Kaine and his group had suddenly acquired powers. Our job was to figure out how they got those powers and eliminate them if we could. After the meeting we went to a nearby tavern where I decided to get some more information from a group of Rangers having a few drinks. They told me there had been several storms appearing out of nowhere and that they had been doing several rescue missions along the coast. One of them explained that this was the reason their forces were spread so thin and why we had been called in to handle Kaine. It sounded like we might run into that woman again so I suggested to Mittens that we get some salt.
The next day we made it to the edge of the village when a thought occurred to me. We couldn’t walk into this town with our Ranger cloaks and pins on display. I brought this up to Mittens and he ordered everyone to take off their cloaks and pins. As we walked into the village there are very few people out. The ones we pass seem to steer clear of us. One man did come up to us and ask why we were there. Mittens, bless his stupid little self, almost told the man why we were really there. I had to interrupt and say we were just passing though. The man told us to leave as quickly as we could. We head towards the largest building in the town assuming its where the village elder would be. As we approached we heard muffled yelling followed by the front door bursting open. Out walked a greasy man with stringy black hair yelling about a shipment. He walked up to our team and demanded we moved. Of course, Mittens doesn’t. I put on my biggest smile and lean over just a bit to show off the goods while apologizing for Mittens’ rude behavior. The man smiled, “At least someone knows respect”. Then Iggy who has barely said a word for the whole fucking trip pips up with “respect comes to those who give it”. Just kill me now. Luckily another man came running out of the building at that exact moment calling after William, the greasy guy. He huffs and walks away. Trying one last time for a good impression I tell him to have a nice day and he smiles at me. Once he’s out of ear shot I whipped around to me team. What the fuck was that?! Were they trying to get us killed on the spot?
The other man turned out to be the village elder, Armond. He led us into the building to a small room. Mittens explains why we were there and Armond explains that they weren’t supposed to send for help but he was desperate. Mittens asked about the groups powers and from Armond’s description it sounded as if they had the abilities of a storm druid. Kaine and his group had been demanding shipments from the village every week to the point where they now had nothing to give. Armond showed us a large scar on his arm that he said he received from Kaine. Looking at that scar, my fists clenched and anger bubbled inside me. What gave these people the right to do this to this poor town? My own memories of being taken advantage of flashed before my eyes and I had to leave the room.
When I returned I had a plan. I would go alone and try to find Kaine’s camp. I had already left a good impression with William and no one would ever think of me as a threat. Meanwhile, Mittens and Duran could stay behind and evacuate the village. Mittens was not a fan of this plan, but I was determined. I would not let these people be taken advantage of anymore. This plan was going to work….hopefully.

A Job Is A Job
Rowena's Report

Well, I’ve done it. I’m officially a Ranger. If my parents could see me now…I’d like to think they would be proud, but they would most likely say I’m still just a common whore. Selling my body in a different way but still in a sense it doesn’t really belong to me anymore, only to the Rangers. Hopefully though I’ll be able to do some good in this world now. We received our cloaks and pins and were told to meet with Sergeant Marco. When we arrive he tells us we’re going to investigate a town that flooded with no warning. In our team there is myself, a dwarf, a large brenchie, a dregordian, and two other humans.

We traveled for ten days before we made it to the town of Marshwonder. The town was completely submurged underwater, only the tops of a few of the taller buildings could be seen peaking out of the brackish water. We eventually found a small camp but there were no signs of any people. Iggy, the dregordian, swam through the water and found us a boat. We floated to what appeared to be a temple. All of us expect Mittens, the brenchie, were able to climb onto the roof of the temple. The dwarf whose name I think is Duran, he doesn’t speak any languages that I do so I’m not really sure, makes a hole in the roof and Marco lets down a rope for us to climb down into the building. I was able to swing from the rope onto a nearby rafter. Mittens, however, was not as successful and fell into the water.

Suddenly a women appeared out of the darkness and strikes Iggy with a bolt of blue lightning. The door at the other end of the room opens and bodies start swarming in. I turn my focus back to the women levitating in the air. I could feel magic vibrating off of her. After a few moments of concentration I realize her weakness is salt. I yell out asking if anyone has any, but unfortunately no one had any on their person at that moment. The roof collapses and I’m standing waist deep in the foul smelling water. Somehow I ended up on the boat with Mittens and Duran while Iggy pulled us. The others told me that the other two human didn’t make it, and Marco ordered us to run. These weird tentacle like things attacked us in the water. Not knowing what else to do I pulled out my daggers and began stabbing wildly.

Mittens hit one of the tentacles with his claws and they released our boat. We made it to shore and set up a small camp. The next morning I noticed a fisherman floating past us and asked if he could help us. The man graciously offered to give us a ride to Camden. From there we made it back to Kythros. Iggy and Duran go to the infirmary for their wounds while Mittens and I head to the barracks. After two weeks we met with Sergeant Major Mindril. He explained that what we dealt with was not flame or darkness, and he also raised us to full Ranger status. Well I made it through my first mission as a Ranger. I wasn’t very helpful but I’m still alive so that must count for something. Hopefully I can prove to my team that I’m more than just a pretty face and that I can be a valuable asset to this team.

The little one is an idiot

3 days since our folks were healed and we meet at HQ with Mindy. Miss Valesdlfjksdf something Hearthkeeper and she’s a huge woman in olaeran plate armor and a shield. She’s pretty no nonsense it seems. We’re in a small windowless room where Iggy and I have to stand. We’re going to Kargerstein apparently where a band of ruffians rose up and are terrorizing a town. Caine Wormbrooke is the leader I guess and we need to find the camp and engage only if we feel comfortable. They seem to hit the village once a week and maybe we can stop that. We go to talk to the village elder. I’m appointed the leader as ranger first class apparently and I’m super cool with this. I kinda deserve it with the crap I’ve been through. We actually kinda formally meet our team with Rowena being a small large breasted woman, Iggy the lizzard and Duran the fucking dwarf who can’t speak shit to folks here… I only understand him because he speaks dwarvish…. this will be fun. We get some ale then the dwarf a thing to not die in water. At the shop I find an elven cloak of deflection where (spirit roll of -2 and I’m at -2 to be hit by other attack rolls to me?) Had to go against the little one and she pouted a bit, but I helped her get her shiny necklace she wanted. We rest up and I ask the dwarf why he always has gloves and the fucker just said “no” then goes to bed. …. Iggy falls asleep on the rafter. I’m not sure the dwarf and I will get along well.

We end up in Coastline or something and at Ranger HQ we see Lt. breezestrider who tells of weird happenings and storms and their forces are thin because of rescue attempts. Caine is weasley who wasn’t a threat before, but a month ago he got some smancy powers. We are to eliminate if possible and leave tomorrow. We need to talk to the village elder, armond. Before we go, rowena says some shit about needing salt for these things…. So… I guess we get some salt. If it helps, it helps.. If not, we have copious amounts of a spice for no reason. We can mix grease and salt and put it on our weapons if it’ll help.

Before we get into teh village, we take off our pins and cloaks as lil bitty suggests and the village is full of desperate looking people. I talk awkwardly to a guy and Rowena basically tells me to shut up. As we go to the elder’s house a weasley looking fellow comes out screaming saying he needs a shipment tomorrow. He yells at us to move… Ha.. like I’m going to move for a thing like that. I also have a new found respect for the lizard when he says “Respect comes to those who give it” and I just about busted out laughing. I large man comes out calling him William. The greasy one rides north and apparently fat santa is armond. Apparently they weren’t supposed to reach for help per instructions they were given. He tells us how this Caine fella can control lightning and he means business. They’re apparently collecting their next ransom thing tomorrow. Rowena is pretty miffed about it all when santa shows the scar on his arm from Caine.

Now, the little idgit comes up with a plan to go to their camp by herself and talk to them… I’m not sure how she feels so strongly that she can just talk them out of it, but I guess if she’s dead set on it, I have iggy tail her so he can help if she’s ever in trouble. She says she can use telepathy to tell us if something’s wrong. They go off to where we believe the camp is and Duran duran and I help the evacuation effort. It’s probably going to get a little ugly if we have to fight.

Rangers... Woo

Ranger recruitment is sought out for all the respect they gained after the war… but I’m just in it for the money. Money and fighting. Earning some for myself and my dads, even if they don’t accept it. At least they sent me off with my plate armor and whitesilver axe. I’ve seen a bit more combat than the new recruits, but the silly things think we’re on the same playing field. Training was long and kinda annoying with those complaining about it being difficult. On the eve of graduation I drink a bit, but I know I can handle it unlike some folks here. Once we’re official we get light green cloaks and our steel pins.

We’re instructed to meet at the south gate at 4 and Sergeant Marco is waiting for us. We’re going to some flooded town and it takes 10 days to get there abouts. It’s still raining and gross and we’re looking around and I’m told to flank west…… I am not stealthy. I am big and meant to hit hard, not slither around. No one is in the camp that was found and once it’s night we follow back to the flooded village of Marshwander. 4 large structures are sticking out and we go over to the temple to look for survivors. I leap onto the temple and my foot slips and I fall into the nasty water and I can’t climb up. I’m obviously superior in most ways to these people but I apparently can’t seem to get my ass moving. Marco throws me a rope as this dwarf thing person breaks a hole in the temple. They repel in and I …. just fucking fall again and there’s a squishy furry thing under me. Ratzin are in here all drown and more disgusting than usual. They pull me out and I’m not a happy camper. There’s blue light wriggling over this girl and I jump in and swing my axe at two corpses moving towards me. I’ll leave the lighting chick to the lizard. These things hit hard and there’s 4 on me now. Where’s my fucking team?! I slash three and run. We get on the boat and escape this sorceress thing and her nasty corpses, but we’ve left marco and another that came with us is dead. The lizard pulls our boat and I swing at the water a few times when I see tentacles in the water. The lizard… who’s apparently Iggy? is wrapped with them and We have to swing at the ones around him to get away. We go to camp and eat some rations and rest. We wake up and the storm is gone and Rowena is talking to a fisherman that can take us to Camden. We go to the healer and then the “ranger station” in the chaos. It takes 3 days to get back to the docks at Kithros and we are taken to an office. We say our peice, get healed, and rowena and I go to the barraks. It takes a good while for the others to get healed but then we’re taken to seargent major mindy and what we fought apparently wasn’t flame or darkness. Nothing is left of the town we were in just a bit ago. We’re now full rangers… I better be paid well for this shit.

The long way to the coast
Miscommunications be prevalent

So we are here in this dump a town Kargerstine, just waiting for morning now. We got sent out from Kythros after having been assigned a commander to report to. And a supposedly simple assignment now, a group of Ruffians turned full bandits are terreoising this town. Lead by a man named Kain with 6 subordinates at his command and that they really became a problem when they got strange powers. We’ve been tasked with figuring out how they got these powers and if we can end his threat. After a few days travel we made it to Coastline and reported to an Aaron Breezestrider. From there we took out some wine and asked around or rather the group did, my dumb arse can barely understand let alone speak Galaen so talking with the rest is a bit hard, only one I can speak to really is Mittens and I’ve already successful proven myself a rightful arse to him. The lizard Iggy he’s a bit odd, actually very odd, he got a bag of bugs for draniks sake. The girl though, that Rowea, something well I’m not sure what but she’s not one for a blade, Mittens sees is and has taken a almost parental lookout over her. Once we got to Kargerstine we happened upon and ugly little chap Willian whose part of Kains gang. We passed ourselves off as simple travelers, no Ranger pins or cloaks for show. we hatched a plan for Rowea and Iggy to get close to the bandits while myself and Mittens stayed behind. She went out and we haven’t heard anything since, the towns packing up their belongings and whatever value is left to leave in the morning.

How a Dwarf almost Drowned
Didn't even get paid

Well shite, my first fucked up mission as a graduate and I nearly drown, get electrocuted, sliced to ribbons and my commanding officer dies on us, bless his sacrifice. I would have hopes to be sent to the Camonere border but now were back in Kythros just waiting. And to top off my grand fucking week in the damn infermary, I learned that we weren’t even getting paid, you cheap bastereds sent three new pups to that hell and we hot no coin out of it. The new rank we did recive however dose come with pay, bout damn time.

Report 6
Tammi's Report

Maybe I really did die and this is heaven? All of these beautiful women around me…Wait, if this was heaven then I wouldn’t have to pay them…Oh well, at least I’m alive. I’ve been in a lot of dangerous situations before, but nothing like what I’ve been through with this team. We had gone to the other side of the north wall to retrieve the giant crossbows and bolts. It wasn’t easy in the dark, but suddenly Hazelf cast something that gave off a small bright light. It seemed to help until we realized it also gave away our position. The Horde had seen us and was heading our way. Before we could get back to the wall a giant metal man appeared out of thin air. Riley was closest and the creature quickly cut him down with a large axe. Hazelf was the one to kill it in just one blow. Once we reached the wall I sent Hazelf to inform Draxx of what happened, just trying to keep him in the loop. Right around the time he returned we noticed the circus leaving. As we went after them the Horde broke through the wall. Hazelf tried to lure it away from the town but it paid him no attention. It just seemed to be destroying things for the sake of destruction. It did not really care about us or go out of its way to harm us. Before I could think of a plan a gust of wind hit the giant and knocked it over. How in the fuck did that happen? But it was injured, the flames normally surrounding it had died down. Hazelf tried to hit it with his banishing sword but the flames ignited again before he could get close enough. After a few more failed attempts at wounding the thing, one of which almost killed the druid, Kendal mentioned something about its eyes. Hazelf must have heard her too because he quickly shot a bolt at one of them. This idea seemed to work so Kendal, Sage and myself watched from the ground as our flying magic users took out each eye one by one. Finally the creature crumbled to the ground, its flames dying out for good I hope.
Of course, the Fool shows up. He congratulates us on our victory and starts going on about his payment. I don’t remember hearing about any payment but he claims that Draxx promised him the legendary items my team possesses. Something doesn’t seem right about this and out of the corner of my eye I notice the druid mouthing something to me. “Darkness”. Shit. I pass the message on to Hazelf as stealthily as I can. As soon as the Fool steps away from the druid I rush him and place my sword to his throat. I’ve had it with this guy and his games. And now he’s demanding payment for doing absolutely nothing. He gave us nothing, no weaknesses on the Horde and he brought a whole team with him but they were absent during every fight. The slippery bastard managed to duck away from my sword and ended up behind me with his hands around my head ready to snap my neck. While he’s droning on about his payment again I slowly grab one of my blades and attempt to stab him. He catches my hand and begins to transform into a werewolf. Well, damn. My team tried to fight him but with Riley and Ox on his side it wasn’t going to be easy. Me, Kendal and the druid were all trying to hit the Fool. Sage shot a giant bolt from the crossbow at Ox but it did nothing. Fin was able to wound Riley a bit. I was in the middle of fighting the Fool when I felt something hit the back of my head. Pain shot through my body as everything went black.
I wake up on a bed. Reaching for my sword I find nothing. Where the hell am I? Hazelf is there and explains that we are in Kythros. Apparently after I was knocked out the team followed the Fool to Draxx. While talking to him about the payment Hazelf realized Draxx was being puppeted and got the team out of there using a magical necklace. We later met with Sargent major Mindril and discussed what to do with the legendary items eventually deciding that they will stay with the team. Afterward I dismiss the team and head to the nearest brothel. My time with this team will hopefully be at an end soon if I can convince Mindril to relocate me. Betrayal, legendary items, the Fool….this is not what I joined to Rangers for.

Journal of a Priest 23
Account by Corporal Hazelf

It’s all fallen down, and I’m spiraling down with it all. To what end I don’t know, but the end is coming and all I can do now is delay it. There’s no stopping this reckoning for my actions. The night the Horde was coming we all frantically moved to get defenses built and ready while others got citizens out of the city. Our team worked with the Circus to ready some of the ballistas and in the darkness we couldn’t find enough of the bolts to make them worthwhile. I decided to let some light to help and we managed to find a grand total of 26. However instead of going straight to the Eastern wall the Horde was coming to the Northern wall, right were we are, because of me. We quickly began to get ready the defenses we had on the north wall. An orange burst of light and amid the steam I looked to see Kal Dorahg standing there. Riley acted and shot an arrow at him to no effect. He marches up and cuts Riley down. Finian shoots out a jet of purple energy and it looks like it would hurt any lesser being but no effect can be seen. Tammie nimbly runs up and slashed at him with her schimitar then just as quick as she ran in, she ducks back away, just missing the axe. With no sweat from his brow as he turns and Sage moves up and with a astounding amount of force slams the Thunderbrand into his side, crunching his armor and possibly breaking a couple of ribs. My opportunity, this thing has struck us and so many others down, all I could think was “no not this time, no more” as I let loose a powerful bolt seeing it burn his head clean off, leaving only his helm smoldering. His body barely had time to hit the ground before I took the potion of healing the fool had given me earlier and forced Riley to drink it. He awoke, somewhat startled but we didn’t say anything to each other only a look of pity before Tammie then called me over. The rest of the Circus arrived late and the Fool remakes on who killed Kal, I said nothing but the others pointed me out and a small applause began, witch quickly died as we all felt another step the Horde took to get to us. Tammie ordered me to inform Drax of what happened and to get everyone to the Northern wall. I flew over the husk of a city, burnt out and chard buildings, barely any people left. Glancing over my shoulder I saw it getting ever closer. I found Drax and he was rushing Rangers here and there, splitting the effort, some to the wall, others to help refugees. I told him of what the Horde was doing and he knew, I then told him of Kal Dorahg’s demise, he seemed relived, and almost relaxed a little before he ordered me to get back to the wall. I flew up and back just in time to see it’s full form, it’s stone body marching ever closer, 8 white hot eyes looking for something and seeming to only to glance over us. I ask if Tammie has a plan, but her attention is drawn to the circus, they’re fleeing. Piper released her little lizard pet and plays a very haunting tune and the lizard grows much bigger in size, so t she, Karlyle and Hissam all jump atop it. Sage then asks if I can distract it somehow, sound thought as my light brought it here maybe I could, but to where. Tammie made it an order then told Finian to go after the fool. As I turned to fly away the Horde knelt down and swiped away the wall we stood on as if he was clearing dust off a book. I managed to get flying and out of the way just in time. I glanced down to see Finian, and Tammie get out of the way, I couldn’t see Kyndle or Sage admits the rubble. I prayed they were ok and continued flying up and behind it. I then used my Light ability and two of its eyes looked at me then it quickly whent back to smashing buildings. As I watched I started to Realize what it was doing. Destroying the buildings and shops, it was going to make it hard for people to live, to work, it was razing the city to slowly choke the war from behind our lines. We had to bring this thing down. Then an idea occurred and I prayed to Zivonis for it to work. I swirls the air around me, building it’s speed faster and faster, then I let it slam into the Horde and watched as it toppled over bellowing as it hit the ground. I was impressed most of all, and thanked the Asendent above. Looking upon this I heard Tammie yell out to use the sword, as she did I could see it’s body was cooling some, just enough to get close. I unshethed it and flew like an arrow but just as I got almost close enough to hit when it roared and the flames came back to life flaring with new intensity. I managed to back off again just in time before catching on fire with the surrounding buildings. As I flew off I saw Finian way up above the Horde and then I see him drop something. I flew further up and away and I get a better look and realize that Finian just activated and dropped the Token of Olara, and watched as the stone bear plunged into the Horde and disapearing. The Horde lost some of its progress getting up but seemed mostly unaffected by the bear. I happened to hear Tammie again (I’ll give her credit for an assassin she really can shout) and I flew down to the group seeing Mer’sedes as well as Sage and Kyndle (thank Archanon). Tammie told me to give the Blade of Banishment to Mer’sedes. I did and then he changed into a squirrel and started motioned me to carry him. I looked at Tammie very confused and asked what was going on. Tammie explained that Mer’sedes seeing the bear drop had a similar idea but to use the sword as a spear point. When I found it, the sword was lodged into a demon, and it didn’t kill or banish it but kept it frozen almost. That might have worked on the Horde but the way they wanted to go about it was just pure insanity. The Horde rose with fury smashing buildings with more anger and ferocity now. As insane as it was, I bent a wing down and Mer’sedes in his squirrel form climbed up it and settled on my shoulder. I glanced at everyone and then the squirrel on my shoulder and told him to hang on. I flew up and at least a good 60 feet over the Horde. I summoned the air around me and (quite literally) blew over the Horde, knocking it to the earth again. Mer’sedes saw his chance and with his squirrel hand patted me on the cheek, climbed up and jumped off my head and began to fall towards the feind. Flying past me i saw Prius moving to try and save him. Mer’sedes saw this and changed back into his Korindian self and pointed the sword straight on a collision course with the Horde. The Horde in turn shot our a jet of fire from it’s eyes but Mer’sedes (with Prius’s help ) moved just out of the way. I saw him collide then Prius slammed into him both fell to the ground and the sword flung off in some direction. When Mer’sedes collected Prius an began running I knew they were alright. The white hot eyes shifted and watched all around it and I took a shot with a bolt at one carefully aiming to make sure I hit. The light and flame exploded and when the energy dispursesd I counted only 7 of the 8 eyes left. Something worked, and Finian must have seen it and fired a bolt as well. Then from the ground another bolt, this one green, makes purchase and takes out another eye. The Horde is frantically looking around and its full attention is now on us. Finian swoops and shoots another bolt at its eyes and the Horde brings its hands up covering his leftover eyes, then look in out he took effect one step and swiped with one claw and Finian ducked out of the way, but the second arm came down and swayed him to the ground. I quickly flew down and used a potion of greater healing making sure he was awake before I flew up again and as I reached eye level with this fiendish beast I let loose another bolt robbing it of its fourth eye. It looks at me with its last three eyes and it seemed to grow hotter with rages. It steps forward and reaches into its chest and as its hand comes out its holding a very large 30 foot sword of stone, it raises it above it head and swings it down. In a surge of Adrenaline I look and take aim and fire three quick bolts at the last last three eyes. The last one hits the last eye as the tip of the sword slashes down opening a large gash in my chest but I manage to catch myself in the air, looking to see the fading fire and the crumbling stone of the Horde fall to pieces. I land and look at the crumbling debris and it’s a quick sigh of relief, I thought it was over that we won. However it only got worse from there. I regrouped with everyone else. It’s some time later that the Fool, Riley and Ox all arrive. He congratulated us on the victory and then started talking of payment, something we were not told of. Tammie is suspicious and inquires further. Something catches her eye and the Fool moves in close to Mer’sedes, Tammie then mouths, very stealthy to me "darkness ". I make the connection but knowing how the Fool works, somewhat, I wanted to advise caution however the chance never came. With the Fool that close to Mer’sedes she darted over with her schimitar out and pointed and ready to cut the Red Fools head off. He asks to talk this over but Tammie just lashes out in a vain attempt to cut his head from his body. I could only watch as in rapid movements Tammie and the Fool moved around and he ended up behind her with both hands grasping her face, threatening to snap her neck, then asking again to talk over the payment issue. Before I could speak I see Tammie attempt to use one of her assassin blades into the Fool behind her, but he catches her hand, and began to change into his werewolf form. Mer’sedes activates the Mask of Thorns and punches the Fool. Kyndle rushes behind the Fool and slashes at him but the Fool smacks her blade out of the way. Finian shoots a bolt at Riley and it looks like it hits hard, but Rileys still standing. Sage, still manning the ballista shoots the loaded bolt at Ox. He pulls it out as if it were a splinter and snaps it in two. Tammie breaks away and furiously strikes out but the blades can’t seem to cut through the werewolfs hyde. Then an arrow strikes Tammie in the back of the head and she slumps over. Riley speaks out and the Fool follows suit, I tell everyone to hold and I go over and check on Ta’qiyya , she’s alive, and I heal her to keep her stable but still knocked out, not wanting another confrontation without more information. I give her weapons to Finian and ask Kyndle to carry her back to where the Headquarters was being used. It was a very silent walk and upon arriving we found Five points abandoned. I told Finian to scout ahead to the west. We continued on foot till arriving and seeing three camp fires by the gate, Drax at one with someone resembling an adept like the one who screened my thoughts when I first arrived at Kythros, and Finian was there just eating some soup. At another fire was Lana, when she saw us she initially got up but I shook my head, and she sat back down. Something didn’t seem right. I had Tammie layed down a ways away, comfortable. Drax called me over and we began to talk. I asked about the payment and if he knew the Fool was a Werewolf. That’s when I noticed his amber eyes turn blue and his speech slowed as if he had to really think about what words to use. I came to the suspiction that the adept a few feet away was using Drax, this was a bad situation to be in, I had to get everyone out of here and quickly. The necklace! Tammie had it and that was my opportunity. I went over to her and asked everyone on the team over to "help " me. I looked up and saw Lana, I couldn’t leave her behind. I called her over as a healer, and when she was close enough I made sure we were all in contact and I quickly and unnoticed used the necklace and teleported away and arrived at Kythros. The familiar purple energy dissipated and we all found ourselves on the bridge in Kythros, Rangers rushing around us hands on their weapons, I don’t blame them, I’d be concerned if a bunch of people teleported onto my door step. I immediately show my ranger pin to the ones who looked like they were about to draw swords first. Mer’sedes immediately points and asks for an explanation, and I see the rest of the team is wondering as well. I explain in short and I ask to speak with Mindril, Mer’sedes turns to a donkey and we prop Tammie up and Sage seems very fascinated by the mule. Lana is also wanting more of a better explanation, I promise her a better one but later. We are escorted and see Mindril, and I explain everything, He was skeptical but that doubt went out when the adept screened my thoughts and confirmed what I said as truth. He says we’ll talk further in the morning the stress of the evening and we all settle down in the Ranger barracks. Tammie comes too some time later and I calm her down and explain what’s going on to her. She’s complimentary on what I did, I still feel guilty leaving drax, but I didn’t know if he was fully under control or what. Mer’sedes and Sage went out drinking coming back somewhat clumsy but they got beded down and rested. I got what rest I could and in the morning Mindril called us to his office. I explained in detail what happens the past few weeks, citing my reports, Tammie pitching in for some of the more recent events. We discuss what to do with the items, weather to lock them in a vault, keep them, or even destroy them. I wasn’t sure myself, the items couldn’t all be used by the forces the fool wanted to sell them to, but they were indeed powerful. Then after the Thunderbrand was done being examined we were told that the items couldn’t be destroyed, that only left the last two options. We needed time to relax and resupply so first opportunity Finian went to a bard college. I found Lana packing what things and supplies she had. I asked and she told me she had to leave, she had to get Drax back. I did convince her to stay two more days, fearful she’d attack the Circus head on. They’re a powerful group not to be underestimated and a part of me is fears for Riley. With the Fool being a Werewolf, that close to Darkness, how long till that corruption spreads, if not already. How many of the others are that way? There are things I need to try and figure ou and not enough time for it all. Two days is all I have, I have to keep them all safe, while being hunted as an animal. Archanon be with us.

Tammi's Letter To Riley

I’m sure you had your reasons for doing what you did. I can’t imagine what they would be but I’m sure they’re there. All I know is that you betrayed your team, you betrayed me, the Rangers, and Hazelf. We all trusted you. We trusted you to have our backs and to not do things that would get us killed. I understand the Rangers are not for everyone, but how can you trust the circus? How can you trust the Fool? Whatever stupid thing you did I’m sure was on his orders. Just take a step back and think about what you’re doing. You’re choosing to trust a man that has killed innocent people. A man that will betray anyone if he thinks it will keep him alive. The Red Fool could turn on you at any second. Do you really think someone like that could actually be a good leader? A friend? Because of your selfishness, thats really what this is lets be honest, my career and Hazelf’s life were on the line. I lied for you. I lied in order to give you an out so you could leave all of this. The Rangers, the circus, all of it. But what do you do? You run to this group of murderers and thieves, and you almost get Hazelf killed. Hazelf who trusted you the most. I saw the way you two looked at each other. I’m not an idiot. I hope you know that when we go up against the Horde we will not walk onto that battlefield as partners. You are now our enemy. My enemy. And I’m not in the habit of offering my enemies mercy. So be prepared. Be prepared to have to face the decision you’ve made because you’ll have to face it sooner than you think.
- Tammi


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