Heroes of Shaintar

Back in Four Corners

We were making camp at Lovers Pass when Renn walked by handing me a note. It asked me to meet him at the archway. Fearing the worst I waited a few minutes to make sure no one would notice me leaving camp. At the archway Renn confessed that he had feelings for me and I confessed that I had feelings for him. When we returned to camp the others were all sitting around the fire. Renn and I walked over holding hands and sat down together. John started choking on whatever ale he was drinking when he saw us. Not the worst reaction I guess. Around the fire we all began sharing stories. I think we have all realized that the chances of us actually getting through all of this alive are extremely slim.

The next day as we were packing up the bard suddenly shouted out “Whos there?” and before I could even process what happened Renn disappeared. I let out a sigh and crossed my arms and waited. Sure enough he came back and told us to follow him. As we made our way through the trees we noticed a small group of people in shackles being herded down the path by a few guards. Before I could stop him Renn started walking toward one of the guards in the back. Of course the man saw him. I went to go help him but was stopped by a demon dog. With the help of Lycore and Hazelf we were able to kill the dog. Renn and the bard killed the guards and we unshackled all of the people.

Renn told us we were going back to Four Corners and that we would take the people with us. During the journey a few people left the group at various villages. When we arrived in Four Corners the rest of the group thanked us and left. We went straight to the mayors mansion where we were welcomed and given rooms. I was given a room to myself but I allowed Renn to share it with me. A while later the door to our room suddenly opened and the mayor walked in while me and Renn were…busy. He immediately apologized, told Renn to meet with him later and walked out. I know its his house but hasnt he ever heard of knocking?

While Renn was gone talking to the mayor I heard a knock on the door. At least someone around here knows how to knock. It was Hazelf. He asked me about something called an Arie. I had no idea what it was. Feeling the stress from the past few weeks all I wanted to do was sleep and knowing that Renn would be back soon I slammed the door in Hazelfs face so I could enjoy my few minutes of peace. After Renn returned he told us that we would be leaving first thing in the morning and that we had the day to do whatever we wanted. Renn and I spent most of the day in our room. Im not really sure what the others did.

Tomorrow we go back to the mountain to get a closer look at whats going on. Our goal is to just get information and to not engage but I have a feeling that we may not make it back. If this is my last night on this earth then I will be happy. I have Renn and even thought I may act coldly towards them at times I consider the others my friends. Ive never been afraid of dying but I also know all to well that there are worse things than death.



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