Heroes of Shaintar

Free at Last

From the Bard

So here we are.

We set up camp outside the giant archway at Lover’s Pass. We were gathered around the fire, me strumming my lute when something amazing happens. The group starts opening up to each other. We each take a turn telling a story of our past, whether it was a past love or a great triumph of ours. It was a great bonding experience for the team. It just goes to show how powerful music is. It was getting late and I noticed the absence of Renn and Tiny, but they later returned holding hands. Seeing them made me think of a past love that I had, but she turned out to be a bat shit crazy Thomaturgist that likes to take control of other people. I was happy for them though. I guess they are trying to find good in a time where good is hard to come by. I hope that things turn out well for them.

We sleep for the night with our usual watch schedule and wake up the next day. As we are packing up I hear this voice from out of nowhere say “move!” Without thinking I shout “Who said that?,” and Renn tells us to get down immediately. I look around and see that Renn has disappeared. Next thing I know, his face pops out of the bushes and tells us to follow him. Renn led us to a group of slaves being herded by these four goonies on each side of them. He motioned to us and set out to try and sneak attack the one in the back of the pack. I thought to myself, “Are we really going through with this? What are we going to do with a bunch of slaves?” Nevertheless, he is our leader and what he says goes. As Renn goes for the thug, all of them, besides the front guard, turn around and surround him.

As Tiny sees this, of course she goes to try and help them, but from out of nowhere this demon dog appeared and attacked her. Fortunately for her, she had Lykcore and Hazelf (who showed up late to the party for some reason) to take it down. Seizing the opportunity, I fired a bolt at the front guard. The poor guy never saw it coming and was out for the count. Renn, John and I took out the remaining guards with ease, and we were able to release the prisoners form their chains. After Hazelf healed Tiny, she approached me and shot me with the meanest death glare anyone could ever give. I know the reason to. If it wasn’t for me, Renn wouldn’t have had to go out and put himself in danger. I stay clear of her, because this isn’t the first time that I’ve made a fool of myself in front of her.

We were ordered to hide the guard’s bodies and the chains as best as we could. After that we set out for Four Corners where hopefully the refugees would be able to start a new life. As we make our way there, a few of the refugees left the pack to return to what once were their villages. We make it to Four Corners, and the villagers thank us and go their own way. After they left, Renn tells us that we are going to the Mayor’s Mansion. We were welcomed in and were fed, bathed, and even provided rooms to sleep in for the night. I had a room with Renn and John, but Renn left, and I already knew where he was heading. I’m a bard for goodness sake! It didn’t matter, at least I had a room with John which meant ale and lots of it!!!

Later that day, John and I were in our room when we heard a knocking at the door. A man who I believe to be the mayor came in and asked for Renn. Without hesitation, John told him that he was Tiny’s room and there was no need of knocking. Boy was he in for a big surprise. A few minutes later we hear “I’m trying ok!” coming from the direction of the room Renn and Tiny was in. We meet up with the group and Renn gives us the low down on what’s coming up. He mentioned building an army and that we would have to gather some intel before hand.

The next day we all head out on the town before returning to the mission at hand. Lykcore asked us if we needed any supplies to which I jokingly I reply, “a flute if you can find one,” but I was doubtful for that. Hazzy and I head out to the local temple to pray. I spend most of the time at Leandra’s shrine playing and praying to find the answers I need. It’s been my prayer to her since I ever needed it, and I was actually beginning to lose my faith in my prayers until recently. We make our way back and lo and behold John hands me the finest elven flute I have ever seen. I was overcome with joy in my new addition to my musical family. Lysha was in need of a sister who doesn’t have a name yet. We gather our gear and head out for our recon mission.

With the addition of my new flute, I have been too busy practicing to write new lyrical music. It’s hard being a bard as a ranger, but I will continue to keep the music alive for my sake.


howardrbrandon cjhopson95

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