Heroes of Shaintar

Journal of a Preist 11

Account by Ranger Hazelf

I woke up at Lovers pass, my head was filled with concerns and thoughts. Most of the morning passed me by, I vaguely remember waking up and Ren not being there and when he returned he told me everyone were going to move up and sneak around to scout the. Are and that I would be staying with the horses. I was a bit relieved, it’s been awhile since I was truly by myself. It gave me time to think. All that’s happened, the death, destruction, the pain, and the sorrow. It’s all so much for me to see. However I have helped a great number of people as well, the lives of everyday people at Four corners and Kythros. So much has happened and I’ve experienced so much, yet there is more to come. I thought hard and long on what I’ve done, and what I will probably need to do to continue on, how that might affect my faith. I took a moment to pray, pray Archanon give me strength and wisdom, Leandra protect my friends, and Zavonis guide me. It had been a long time since I reached out the the latter two. I was jarred from my thought by the sounds of fighting in the distance. I made sure the horses were ok then flew to the area the sound was coming from. I arrived to see a group of guards dead, one of the Demon dogs attacking Tiny, and a large group of prisoners shackled together. I move up and shoot a bolt at the Dog, killing it instantly. I looked to Tiny and she looked just as pissed before, I decided this time to look to Ren who gave me a uncertain nod, so I used my healing spell on Tiny then turned to the prisoners. John was already unlocking and freeing them. They began to rush towards me and I did what I could to attend to their wounds. Ren ordered to hide the bodies and the shackles. We walked back to the horses and I helped two of the youngest up on my horse, Lycore did the same with the next two youngest. It took a week but we managed to make it to Four Corners. Over the week about 5 of the people told us they were close to their homes and wanted to return to se what they could salvage and went off on their own. When we arrived in town the last ten tanked us immensely and went their separate ways. Ren took the lead and we headed straight for Mayor Rienharts mansion. We arrive and are greeted at the door by Faylin he takes us up and gives us some rooms. Myself and Lycore had one room, John, Ren and Fenian had one and Tiny had a room to herself. I took some time to have a quick bath and returned to the room. I took to praying at my bedside, however in the middle of prayer I hear very audibly Ren shouting
I looked to Lycore and asked if we should see what’s going on, he said no and went back to bed, I continue praying and rightfully go to bed myself. In the morning I decided I wanted to try and talk with Tiny some, build bridges so to say. I knock on the door and she opens it and I ask her if from where she’s from had she ever heard any tales of an Arie, she didn’t seem to know what an Arie was and when I explained she said she had no clue and shut the door on me(a tad rude but I can’t force friendship and I guess I was almost using her for what she could have known). Later Ren tells us that we have one day to get what we need. I decided to go to the pantheon and pray at the shrines there. I know it seems like I have mentioned that a lot but with what we are facing I want to know and let the Asendent know that I don’t want to lose my friends. Finian tagged along and we arrived, I prayed at the shrine to Archanon first, and as I finished I was approached by a good number of people and I began to preach to them, how even in a time were everything seemed so bleak, we still had hope that the forces of light and Life will prevail. I finished and took my leave and went and prayed at the shines devoted to Leandra and Zavonis. I still feel uncertainty in the road ahead but I feel something akin to safer afterwards. At somepoint I catch Lycore at the pantheon praying at the shrine to Leandra. I waited for him the finish before we three made our way back to the mansion. The Mayor had supplies gathered already and new mounts saddled and ready even a pony for Tiny, however she decided to continue to ride with Ren, so we loaded up the pony with some extra supplies and the mayor bid us farewell and told Ren specifically that he’d do his best to do what he asked. Ren bowed and we road out of town. Some distance away Ren stopped us and we gathered round and he pulled out a detailed map of the area and showed us where we were going. Telling us that we needed to go very much out of the way. It took two weeks of going through stream, bush and unused paths to get to the base of the mountain without leaving any trail to follow. And that’s were we are, camping at the base getting ready to move up the mountain to get a clue as to what’s in or on the area. I have a terrible feeling that we aren’t supposed to be here, every part of me wants to run away now. I pray I’m proven wrong and we make it up the mountain with little incident.


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